About Us

Today LEATHERLAND LIMITED  is regarded as one of the  Hide & Skin exporter  in Uganda as well as throughout
the World.

Initially, LEATHERLAND LIMITED  bought and sold skins in more than 8 countries around the world. Now it has
built a worldwide network trading in Hide and Skin markets across the world.

Early in 2010, a strategic decision was made to change the emphasis from being a pure trading organization
with regular supply lines, to having its own secure, reliable and regular sources of supply. This has had the
effect of making the company more competitive when selling to customers, and ensuring of a quality
consistency, which is our motto as well.

LEATHERLAND LIMITED  supports Leather Industry through applied knowledge and the provision of innovative
and technically superior products.

This is made possible by the dedication of our people, our keen customer focus as well as our unique and
effective, products and solutions.

Today LEATHERLAND LIMITED  has its sales offices in Africa and India. This enables us to obtain early
intelligence about market conditions and to position ourselves accordingly, to stay competitive in the market,
and to offer an improved service and range of products to our valued customers.

We are being a professional company committed to our level best to ensure transparency in all our modules and
services. We respect our customers’ value and their needs. We are always at customers’ disposal, whenever they
need us.

Suggestions and comments from our customers are always solicited and taken into notice with meticulousness.
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